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Variety of Automotive Maintenance Equipment

Keep vehicles in excellent condition with our range of automotive maintenance equipment. At Autotech, we carry everything, from air-conditioning service units and brake fluid exchanges to rotary screw compressors and shop air systems, to ensure your automotive repair shop has everything it requires to meet your customers' demands. Find what you need from our extensive selection of products. Autotech Systems provides on-site orientation training with each purchase and provides factory-approved service and support as well as stocking parts and consumables for each product.

Fluid Service and Air Conditioning (AC)

Yellow Jacket Automated 37880 AC Service Unit

The 37880 Automated AC Service Unit provides full-cycle recovery/recycle/evacuate/recharge to restore the vehicle to factory specifications.

Plus, it's fully compliant with SAE J2788 requirements.

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CPS R1234yf Automated AC Service Unit

CPS Automotive proudly presents the latest in ease and endurance with its FX Series line of Refrigerant Management Centers that quickly and efficiently recover, recycle, and recharge automotive AC systems.

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Transmission Fluid Exchange

Help your customers improve their vehicle's mileage, transmission life, and powertrain efficiency with our Advantage fluid exchange systems.

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AC Service Unit

Coolant Exchange/Flush

The Advantage Engineering Engine Flush is performed with the engine off (also known as a "static flush"). During the process, Advantage Engineering Engine Flush Solution is circulated through the crankcase. Compatible with all engine-bearing surfaces and elastomers, this solution dissolves and suspends contaminant buildup which is then removed by ultra-fine filters.

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Brake Fluid Exchange

Give your customers peace of mind by offering brake fluid service. Recommended by all vehicle manufacturers, brake fluid degradation is often overlooked because it is gradual. An Advantage Engineering Brake Pro is a convenient, quick, and efficient way to evacuate and exchange brake fluid from most brake systems.

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Power Steering

Extend power steering component life and power steering system efficiency with a periodic fluid exchange. The Advantage Engineering Power Steering Pro is designed for one-man use.

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Coolant Exchanger

Nitrogen Inflation

Pure nitrogen has been used to inflate critical tire applications for years, primarily because it doesn't support moisture or combustion. These include racing tires (Indy Car, Formula 1, and NASCAR), aircraft tires (commercial and military) and heavy-duty equipment tires (earthmovers and mining equipment). "The challenge facing nitrogen inflation hasn't been its applications; it's been its method of supply and cost." (Clearing the Air about Nitrogen Tire Inflation).

  • Consistent Nitrogen Levels of 99.1%
  • Consistent Cold Tire Pressure
  • Purge and Refill to Desired Tire Pressures of Four Tires in Only 7 to 9 Minutes
  • Efficiency and Repeatability of Nitrogen Levels and Tire Pressures at the Push of a Button
  • Consistent Tire Pressures on Track Due to Improved Nitrogen and Humidity Levels
  • Decreased Cold-to-Hot Tire Pressure Stagger—Tires Reach Optimum Operating Pressures More Quickly
  • System Can Produce Its Own Nitrogen from Any 140psi to 180psi Air Outlet
  • Time Management and Tire Tech Can Utilize Time Elsewhere
  • Built-In Power Transformer to Operate on 110V or 240V

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Induction Heating Tools and Equipment

Our Invisible Heat® products pay for themselves by cutting torch time in half—and they're much safer.

Compressors and Shop Air Systems

Compressors—Industrial-Duty Reciprocating Compressors

IG Industrial Series compressors are designed for automotive and industrial applications. Built with large bore low RPM pumps, disc and spring valves, and centrifugal unloaders, the compressors are made to last and ready to work. 5-30 HP vertical or horizontal models are available.

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Rotary Screw Compressors

Engineered with design simplicity, fewer parts mean a more reliable compressor and years of service. The control panel is simple to operate and simple to troubleshoot. With the IG Smart Control system, we manufacture the easiest-to-operate service compressor in its class. 5-250 HP vertical, horizontal, duplex, enclosed, and base mount models are available.

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MaxLine is an industrial compressed air piping system that installs in half the time of traditional methods. It is semiflexible tubing that comes in a 100 ft. or 300 ft. coil and uses compression fittings for leak-proof performance. MaxLine piping is designed for efficient installation in diverse settings, from small shops and farms to large manufacturing facilities. It delivers clean compressed air, inert gas, and vacuum.

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